Rediscover with Dancinflo

Rediscover with Dancinflo is a bi-monthly podcast about all things dance. I like to think of it as This American Life through the lens of dance. Why do humans like to dance in the first place? We will explore this question and many more in a rich, personal storytelling format. 


Episode 1: IS Disco Dead?

Is disco dead? I went to the source, NYC, to speak with Jim Fouratt (Studio 54 manager) and DJ Justin Strauss (Thump's Remix King) among others to learn the answer to this question. What made the disco era so special and why did many people want it to end?

dance therapy image.jpg

Ep 2: Dancing with your therapist

What is dance therapy like? We will speak with a nationally recognized dance therapist and a dance therapy client to learn more about this unique form of therapy. 


Ep 3: how dance effects your brain

How does dance affect your brain? We will talk to leading edge scientists who are learning how dance effects your brain.