Immersive Content

Today it's possible to view 360 degree content on a multitude of platforms such as facebook, youtube and vimeo. Artists and brands have an opportunity to immerse their followers in their story, their art, their purpose. Dancinflo Productions can guide you through this process to develop a piece of immersive content to bring your followers even deeper into your world. 

Djet Neheh

A collaboration with Kaley Isabella Dance. Music, poetry, dance, costume by Kaley Isabella. 360 videography and post production by Flo of Dancinflo Productions.


Dancers dance in front of mirrors when they go to classes, rehearse pieces and even when they free style. Growing up in the dance world means spending hours and hours criticizing yourself in the mirror. Re:Assemblance is a short feature based on the true story of Juliette and Sarah shot in 360 that brings the audience into the perspective of two dancers. Read more here.