Flo Lumsden

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Florence grew up on stage acting, singing and dancing... 

She danced ballet for the North Carolina Opera Company, Bob Fosse for the North Carolina Theater and once sang a solo in St. Patricks Cathedral in NYC. However, she knew being a full-time professional performer wasn't for her. In hopes of making a positive impact on the world she studied International Relations at American University in Washington, DC.

After realizing the power of storytelling through media to create social change, she moved to San Francisco to pursue the combination of arts and activism, working as a producer for Capacitor Performance and as an assistant at Free Range Studios.

In 2017 she graduated from Academy of Art University with a Masters degree in Media Technologies with a focus on Virtual Reality. Coming from the tech world of SF, her videos have been featured on sites like Engadget.com. As an award winning choreographer and award nominated VR director, she is thrilled to combine her talents together to create Virtual Reality and 360 dance experiences. 

Flo is currently living in Los Angeles and looking to partner with musicians, dancers, artists and brands to create incredible 360 and VR experiences. 

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