I believe stories, especially entertaining ones, can change the world. My goal is to tell incredible stories that bring people together - preferably on a dance floor.

I grew up singing, dancing and performing non-stop in Raleigh, NC. Then I learned about global issues such as climate change and global hunger and I decided to study International Relations at American University in Washington, DC. I received my B.A. in IR there.

After realizing how powerful business and media truly is in the world, I switched my focus and moved to San Francisco to learn about technology, storytelling and dance. 

In a few months I will graduate from Academy of Art University with a masters degree in Multi-media Studies. I am excited to bring my new skills in the art of video and audio storytelling to the world.

Woah Flo, that's a big statement! One step at a time...

I am currently focusing all of my energy on developing a storytelling podcast about dance! It's called Rediscover with Dancinflo. I like to think of it as This American Life meets Dance. I'd love to hear your fun, funny, sad, scary, emotional human story about dance. Please Grab the Mic and tell me your story.