The act of aggregating the pieces of oneself; to make whole.

A Virtual Reality Dance Film From Florence Lumsden, to the music of Will Eastman



Dancers dance in front of mirrors when they go to classes, rehearse pieces and even when they free style. This is true for professional and non professional dancers. Growing up in the dance world means spending hours and hours criticizing yourself in the mirror. Mirrors are helpful to an extent, but they can also be harmful. They can distract dancers from actually dancing and, in the worst cases, can lead to body dysmorphia and eating disorders. Re:Assemblance is a short feature based on the true story of Juliette and Lizzy shot in Virtual Reality that brings the audience into the perspective of two dancers. We will go on a journey into their experience both loving and struggling with their body and dance, especially their relationship to the mirror. We will transform through their perspective from feeling trapped and defined by the mirror to taking control of the mirror and their love for dance. This piece will be approximately 10 minutes long in duration. 

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Main Characters

This short features the perspective of two dancers, one professional ballet dancer named Lizzy and one non-professional dancer named Juliette.

Juliette: Juliette is a 27 year old professional therapist and non-professional dancer living in San Francisco. She has previously struggled with OCD and an eating disorder. Since moving to San Francisco, she joined a nonprofit dance organization No Mirror Movement. This organization rehearses their dances outside with no mirrors and therefore frees the dancers of traditional pressures and self criticism associated with the mirror. This group and their dancing has re-kindled Juliette’s love for dance and has become part of her on-going recovery from her eating disorder. 

Lizzy: Lizzy is a professional dancer with the San Francisco Ballet. She had to give up a lot to fulfill her dream, like going to college and having a “normal life.” She grew up in Boston and traveled to San Francisco eleven years ago to perform a lead role for the SF ballet. She loves living here and being a professional dancer, but admits its really hard to spend hours and hours inside a room in front of a mirror. Though she has not experienced the struggles of having an eating disorder, she has been told to lose weight and knows how slippery the slope is for many dancers. 

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Executive Producer and Director:

Florence Lumsden, DancinFlo Productions

Lead Characters/Dancers:

Sarah - Elizabeth Powell, San Francisco Ballet

Juliette - Juliette Chloe, No Mirror Movement


Lonnie Weeks, San Francisco Ballet

Kimberly Marie Olivier, San Francisco Ballet

Janus Thomas Gutierrez Ebarvia, No Mirror Movement

Seren Pendleton-Knoll

Florence Lumsden


First song: Froggie, Will Eastman

Second Song: Free Fall, Will Eastman


Overarching choreography: Florence Lumsden

Ballet section: Kimberly Marie Olivier and Elizabeth Powell

No Mirror Movement section: Florence Lumsden and Juliette Chloe


Brenton Cooper

Producer/Director's assistant:

Tiffany Tse

Producer/Production Assistant:

Cecilia Li

Production Assistant:

Dylan Curley

Camera and Drone Operator:

Kevin Kunze

Advising and Support:

Steve Kotton

James Egan