Traditional Video 

Cisco Meraki - Editor 

I edited previously shot videos. I was proud to complete this project in two days having six hours of interview footage to pull from. The client was very happy with the first edit and did not ask for many alterations. 

SIlicon Valley Fashion Week - Press Video

Completed 2016, San Francisco.

Rushed three hour turn around edit, received 3,069 views and was featured on engadget

I edited this pre-shot footage quickly to help promote the event the day after it's completion. 

Heather Coros: The Essential Core Program Video

Filmed and completed in Summer/Fall 2017, San Francisco, CA.

Heather hired me to film, direct and edit all the new videos she wanted for her new website. This is the video I made for the front page of her website. It is her introduction or purpose video. I enjoyed working with her greatly as she is a very inspiring and communicative person and client. I especially enjoyed working with her branding to create a unique video which further expressed her fun and playful brand imagery. 

Clancy's Pumpkins 

I produced this piece last October when I was tasked with telling a news story using Nat Pops to break up the audio.