What I’m loving today.

sampha photo.jpeg

I’m loving this music video series by Sampha.

He produced two version of one concept music video for his song (No One Knows Me) Like The Piano.

One version is 360 video.

The other is standard video.

All I can say is wow. They are both incredibly beautiful and I honestly feel I appreciate this music video concept more deeply because I was able to see both versions.

I watched the 360 version first and was drawn into my own emotions. I flashed back to emotional encounters with ex-lovers who I will always love. People who make me cry when I see them. I’ve had moments like this where I feel I’m dissolving out into the environment, my soul is crying because life is so fleeting and love leaves. But it never really leaves does it.

Video Credits:

Label: Young Turks

Director: Jamie-James Medina

Written by Jamie-James Medina & Spencer LaVallee

Production company: Forever